Welcome to the U.S.S. Nightingale!

For thousands of years, people of the medical profession have been the back bone of society.

They have been the people who have picked us up when we have been at our worse and fixed us up to enable us to keep going. They have been the shoulders we have cried on when we have found noone else to turn to. Most of all, they have been the people who loved, protected and cared for those we love when it has been beyond our capacity.

The people of the medical profession have always given everything their 100% and the USS Nightingale strives to continue the work of all those who came before her and her crew.

The year is 2392, the USS Nightingale is under the captaincy of one Commander Alexis Tiva who has been tasked to take the ship and her crew to the rescue of those in need; to keep the light lit for those who need guidance and a safe haven.

We are accepting applications from all walks of life from Officers, Enlisted and Civilians characters. If in doubt about how to build your characters service history, please feel free to drop an email to Commander Tiva at anytime or feel free to reference the bios of the Commanding and Executive Officers.

The USS Nightingale is a part of Obsidian Fleet:
Obsidian Fleet

Task Force (Major General Iain MacTaryn):
Task Force 72

Latest News Items

» Fleet Survey

Posted on Sat May 6th, 2017 @ 11:08pm by Commander Alexis Tiva in General News

Hi Crew,

Here's a communication from Fleet services asking for our input into a survey they're currently running.




Fleet Services, with the blessing of the Joint Fleet Command, is conducting an Engagement Survey to see how everyone in the fleet participates and interacts throughout. We want to know how you best communicate, what fleet tools you use, and think about possible changes in our overall engagement within the fleet. We are not opposed to spawning further discussions and possible discussion groups in Discord or on the Forums, depending on the feedback we receive.

We really want this survey taken by as many people in Obsidian Fleet as possible. While we are sending this out to the Commanding Officer list, we hope it will be forwarded to each and every crew member out there. This is for EVERY MEMBER and we hope you'll all take time to give us your feedback.


Be honest, be constructive, and be open. With the right feedback, we can all really come together and make Obsidian Fleet greater than ever.

Rear Admiral Berel Joon
Director of Fleet Services
Obsidian Fleet

» Big Promotion....

Posted on Wed Feb 8th, 2017 @ 8:20pm by Lieutenant JG Drusilla McCarthy in General News

Right....I'm gonna i-jack this for a moment....

Can we have a big massive congratulations to our one and only fearless leader for passing the Commanding Officer exams and earning her promotion to Commander!!!

Three cheers!!!! A couple of bottles of champagne! Lets all celebrate :D


Lieutenant JG Drusilla McCarthy
Assistant Chief Counsellor

» I have returned!

Posted on Tue Jan 3rd, 2017 @ 4:25am by Commander Alexis Tiva in General News

Hi guys,

Just a note to say that I'm back from my holidays. Our return home was a nightmare journey and I went 45 hours without sleep therefore I'm probably going to be a bit slow on catching up again until I've recovered. Right now I'm brain dead and can hardly think. I will add to posts as I can.


» Invite

Posted on Sun Nov 20th, 2016 @ 9:48pm by Commander Alexis Tiva in General News

Passing this along from the Merlin's CO in case any of you are interested in attending.

Cmdr Alexis Tiva
USS Nightingale


Greetings Fellow CO's,

The USS Merlin would like to invite you to its first annual holiday celebration! In an effort to keep from looking like this is a recruitment thing I am only sending to the CO list and letting the CO's decide if they pass it on to their simmers.  This celebration will include virtual food and drink, fun as well as a promotion and awards ceremony that all CO’s will be invited to participate in to award all crew who can make it from any sim!

Where: USS Merlin Discord server - https://discord.gg/HhkjfGA
Format: Live chat
Time: 03 December 2016 at 4 pm EST

I think I covered all the current Fleet time zones, if I missed yours please let me know and I’ll get you a conversion. This will exist outside of any current sim in character time so as not to interfere with any sims plots. Please note, because this is going to be all inclusive this event has a PG13 rating. Come, hang out and sim with simmers from across the Fleet :D


» Fall Fest 2016

Posted on Thu Nov 3rd, 2016 @ 6:23pm by Commander Alexis Tiva in General News

Just sharing this with you all as a reminder just in case any of you want to get involved.

Commander Alexis Tiva
USS Nightingale

‘lo folks!
On 12 November Obsidian Fleet will play host to a collaborative event known as FallFest, and this will be its 6th incarnation.  I’m sure that some of you might have seen something about this here and there on our site or social media?
It is an online festival dedicated to role playing.  To discuss all kinds of aspects of our community from all genres, we have topics on management, the new Star Trek series, Diversity & Inclusion and more.
There are also going to be quizzes (with a prize for the Main one!), live Role Play and more!
We still have a variety of spaces available for anyone who would like to get involved and talk about something that they find interesting, to see other points of view or just to engage in open discussion with individuals from across different groups.
We would love to see you there, so pass this along to your crews, your other communities and anyone who would find it interesting and let Obsidian Fleet be the most successful host of FallFest in its history.
Admiral Myrkul Sharr
Joint Fleet Command | Webmaster
Obsidian Fleet

Latest Mission Posts

» Filling the Big Shoes

Mission: Descent Into Abaddon
Posted on Tue Jan 2nd, 2018 @ 9:56am by Lieutenant Tan'ato Tejera & Petty Officer 3rd Class Hayden Ahlgren & Lieutenant Rilem Setox M.D. & Lieutenant Alohiai illm Warraquim & Lieutenant JG Drusilla McCarthy & Master Chief Petty Officer Markum Quinn & Lieutenant JG Bronte Carroll & Petty Officer 1st Class Alessio Leopardi

John reported to the bridge as ordered. He was a bit surprised, but then again the whole ship was on absolutely minimum crew. This was the first time he had been on the bridge, and now it was going to be at the engineering section. The whole room suddenly seemed…

» Saving Lives, Part I

Mission: Descent Into Abaddon
Posted on Fri Dec 15th, 2017 @ 6:35am by Lieutenant Rilem Setox M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Zoe Desatu & Lieutenant JG Leighton Cole & Ensign Victoria Kingston


Using the handheld sterilizer, Vikki ran the piece of equipment across each of her hands and bared arms as she prepared to scrub up, as the new temporary boss had requested. She couldn't ignore it, she was exceptionally nervous. It wasn't just because of the new eyes on her,…

» Supplying the colonists post

Mission: Descent Into Abaddon
Posted on Sat Dec 2nd, 2017 @ 11:19am by Lieutenant Alohiai illm Warraquim & Ensign Dina Fitzwilliam

The roads were bumpy from the debris that had fallen or been blown from the winds. In addition, various cracks had formed up as the earthquakes associated with the eruption had not made things any better, and, in fact, there were times when the vehicle had to swerve or find…

» Bittersweet Memories

Mission: Descent Into Abaddon
Posted on Sat Nov 25th, 2017 @ 2:46pm by Commander Pola Ni Dhuinn M.D.


Pola leaned the side of her head against the frame of her view point in her assigned quarters. She might try to count the stars to try and help her sleep but the task was near impossible as the lines flashed by in the ship's warp state. She supposed…

» Let's Get Ready To Rumble (Part 5)

Mission: What Went Before....
Posted on Fri Nov 24th, 2017 @ 10:46am by Lieutenant Tan'ato Tejera & Commander Pola Ni Dhuinn M.D.


Tan’ato stirred, his green eyes opening slowly. His massive hand reached up to cup hers that was touching his face, running along her arm. “Morning,” he rumbled, leaning up to kiss her. “I don’t think we ever finished breakfast yesterday,” he said with amusement. His eyes ran lovingly over…

Latest Personal Logs

» Doctor Carolyn Shaw's Duty Log #1 - "In This Together

Posted on Thu Jun 1st, 2017 @ 2:51am by Lieutenant Carolyn Shaw M.D.

The Nightingale has been ordered to assist the people of Menope VII, who have fallen victim to the planet's terraforming challenges as well as a series of natural disasters. Although this is exactly the kind of mission the crew of the Nightingale is prepared to handle, I suspect I was…

» How the Islands Came to Be

Posted on Mon Feb 27th, 2017 @ 1:22am by Lieutenant Alohiai illm Warraquim

Computer open log Tales of Akkadia"

[Log is open]

"As I mentioned I find comfort in the child's tales that are told. They have come to comfort me as I journey far from home, far from kind. This is a little tale that is told on how the islands came…

» Things of the past put away

Posted on Wed Feb 15th, 2017 @ 5:45pm by Lieutenant Alohiai illm Warraquim

Alohiai sat propped up in her bed with a single light. In her hands was a book, a very old one from her world and written in very old Akkadian. It made her head hurt to try to figure the symbols out but it offered clues as to what once…

» Ola'ha's wish

Posted on Sat Feb 11th, 2017 @ 5:16pm by Lieutenant Alohiai illm Warraquim

Things in Fleet were always a hurry up and then wait. One was either rushing to get to something or get something done or one was waiting on orders, transports, a myriad of things. Alohiai was in such a position right now waiting for transport to catch the ship. A…

» Aces High

Posted on Tue Feb 16th, 2016 @ 7:11am by Lieutenant Commander Torilla 'Ripcord' Yamaguchi PhD

Lt Commander Torilla Yamaguchi was sitting in her guest quarters of the starbase. In her case as she was without children and only had two cats with her, she opted for the visiting bachelorette officers quarters rather then the married officers quarters.

"Chief Engineers personal log. Supplemental.

"I've not yet…