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Fall Fest 2016

Posted on Thu Nov 3rd, 2016 @ 12:23pm by Commander Alexis Tiva

Just sharing this with you all as a reminder just in case any of you want to get involved.

Commander Alexis Tiva
USS Nightingale

‘lo folks!
On 12 November Obsidian Fleet will play host to a collaborative event known as FallFest, and this will be its 6th incarnation.  I’m sure that some of you might have seen something about this here and there on our site or social media?
It is an online festival dedicated to role playing.  To discuss all kinds of aspects of our community from all genres, we have topics on management, the new Star Trek series, Diversity & Inclusion and more.
There are also going to be quizzes (with a prize for the Main one!), live Role Play and more!
We still have a variety of spaces available for anyone who would like to get involved and talk about something that they find interesting, to see other points of view or just to engage in open discussion with individuals from across different groups.
We would love to see you there, so pass this along to your crews, your other communities and anyone who would find it interesting and let Obsidian Fleet be the most successful host of FallFest in its history.
Admiral Myrkul Sharr
Joint Fleet Command | Webmaster
Obsidian Fleet


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