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Pola Ni Dhuinn

Name Pola Ava Ni Dhuinn M.D.

Position Doctors Without Borders - Surgeon

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31
Date of birth 30th April 2361
Place of birth Cork, Ireland

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Pola has a slight built with her height and weight. But no one should underestimate her in anyway. Her grey eyes can darken almost to the colour of a storm cloud if she is angry and lighten if she is happy.
She also has the outline of a small dove as a tatoo on her hip.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Lieutenant Barry Ryan M.D. - Trauma Medicine
Mother Lieutenant Sharon Ryan M.D. - Thoracic Surgery
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Maternal Grandmother - Caoimhe Ui Dhuinn(DECEASED)

Personality & Traits

General Overview As Pola was raised in Ireland, she is fluent in the Irish language. Even though she has a calm and friendly deposition which comes with being a Doctor, she has an anger which can very easily manifest itself. She has worked hard to get to the rank and position she holds so she takes her job very seriously, thus when under pressure in medical situations she can remain very calm and cool. She has a natural personality which has had the words bubbly and hyper attached to them. She's outgoing and not afraid to push others, no matter is they are superiors or not.
Sexuality hetrosexual
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
-Ability to remain calm when under pressure
-Bubbly nature can help put some people at ease
-Gives 100% to all tasks she is assigned

-Bubbly nature can sometime result in her hiding her true feelings and emotions, a kind of natural reaction to block out the negative
-over protectiveness of people she cares about, patients or colleagues, can sometimes result in aggression.
Ambitions Having recently become commanding officer, her ambitions right now are to do her job to the best of her ability and to keep her crew and their patients safe.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Writing, Swimming & Various forms of Dance

Personal History In 2361, Barry and Sharon had a daughter, Pola Ava Ni Dhuinn who was born in an area called Cork in Ireland. Not long after giving birth to Pola, Sharon received the news that she would be unable to have any further children. At this point, both starfleet officers, they decided to bring Pola up in Ireland . In order to cover up their pain, they left Pola with her maternal grandmother to raise her and both reported back to their assignments onboard the USS Rook.

The only came back to visit their daughter every few years and even then they would only stay around for a week before disappearing again. With her parents alienating her, Pola grew up with the attitude she was unwanted and why should she bother. She made no effort in school and used to get into trouble.

At the age of 18, Pola's grandmother passed away. Loosing the only woman who loved her enough to raise her, Pola realised she was wasting her life. Deciding she wished to prove herself to her parents that she was better then what they made her feel, she made the decision to join Starfleet. In her first year of studying general studies, Pola realised that the one and only area she wished to go forward in was medical. She found a deep love for being able to take a sick or injured patient and working hard to make them better or to heal their injury.

Pola realised she had found her one love in life and she would never allow anyone to take this away from her. She turned her life around, making the efforts to study and leaving her old life behind her, including the interactions with the other race. Pola had come to realise that she was a better person then that and never again would she allow herself to slide down that route again.

After 4years at Starfleet Academy, Pola graduated with high grades having shone in all of her classes. Following graduation, Pola was awarded the rank of Ensign. She then moved on to be admitted to Starfleet Medical Academy's Residency Programme which she attended for 2years.

During her two years of rotations and placements, Pola finally settled on her major of family medicine and minoring in emergency medicine.

In 2385, Pola graduated the Residency Programme as a fully qualified Medical Doctor, earning a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Due to the aftermath of the Dominan war, Starfleet were assigning anyone they could to their ships. As a result, Pola was assigned the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer of the USS. Ulysses. Despite trying to climb up the ranks to becoming a CMO it was never to be for Pola. Continuously she seemed to have one knock back after another, but never did she allow it to put her back to who she had been. She was out to prove herself and she wasn't afraid to work hard for it. The only advancement which she managed to achieve in this time was a promotion in 2388 from Lieutenant Junior Grade to Lieutenant.

In 2389, Pola received new orders to transfer to the USS. Galileo in order to take up the position as the ship's new Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Within a few days of joining the crew, Pola was offered the position of Chief Medical Officer after the old CMO had to leave due to unforeseen circumstances.

In a surprise sequence of events, following a mission wherein she found herself unexpectedly promoted to acting second officer and acting executive officer, in recognition of service to the ship, Pola earned a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and a return to just being Chief Medical Officer, a situation which suited her as she felt she still had so much more to offer as a CMO.

After only a year onboard the Nova class, which included a number of months spent as the ship's Second Officer, Pola got issued new orders to report back to Earth in order to take up an open position in Starfleet Academy. Despite appealing the decision and fighting hard to stay where she was, Starfleet refused to back down and Pola was given no other choice.

The Doctor was to spend the next two years teaching the incoming academy medical students in the areas of clinical training, earning herself a promotion to Commander in the process.

Pola was later to learn that the decision to bring her back had been heavily influence by one Commodore Kyla Beren who, at the time, was vice-commandant at the Academy. The young woman had only met the Commodore on one occasion while still a cadet but the reason she made such an impact was still unknown and Pola never met Beren again to ask the question.

In early 2392 new orders were once again issued directing Pola to take up command of an olympic class ship, the USS Nightingale. It seemed like some sort of joke, to be sent to a 50 odd year old ship and take up a Command when she had so little experience herself. Once again, Pola fought hard to stay where she was, having managed to build a life for herself back on Earth. But, once again, Starfleet was to overrule all objections and give her no alternative.

Relocating to the USS Nightingale, Pola had no idea what lay infront of her and could only hope that she would be ready, willing and able for the challenge.
Service Record 2379 - Admitted to Starfleet Academy

2379-2380 - Cadet Freshman - General Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2380-2381 - Cadet Sophomore - Basic Medical Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2381-2382 - Cadet Junior - Intermediate Medical Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2382-2383 - Cadet Senior - Advanced Medical Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2383 - Graduated Starfleet Academy. Admitted to the Starfleet Medical Academy's Residency Programme.

2383-2385 - Ensign - Medical Resident - Starfleet Medical Academy.

2385 - Graduated the Starfleet Medical Academy as majoring in family medicine and minoring in emergency medicine. Received promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

2385-2388 - Lieutenant Junior Grade - Assistant Chief Medical Officer - U.S.S. Ulysses.

2388 - Promoted to Lieutenant

2388 - 2389 - Lieutenant - Assistant Chief Medical Officer - U.S.S. Ulysses.

2389 - Transferred to USS Galileo as Assistant Chief Medical Officer

2389-2389 - Lieutenant - Assistant Chief Medical Officer - USS Galileo

2389 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Chief Medical Officer

2389 - 2390- Lieutenant Commander - Chief Medical Officer - USS Galileo

2390 - Transferred back to Starfleet Academy on Earth

2390-2392 - Lieutenant Commander - Lecturer in clinical training & anatomy

2392 - Promoted to Commander

2392 - Transferred to the USS Nightingale as Commanding Officer

2391 - Current - Commander - Commanding Officer - USS Nightingale NCC 70026