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Ensign Dina Fitzwilliam

Name Dina Adelaide Fitzwilliam

Position Nurse

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27
Date of birth 29th April
Place of birth United Kingdom, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 128lb
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Petite with flame red hair, Dina is beautiful in a cute kind of a way. Her eyes are always full of compassion and friendliness and people tend to instantly warm to her friendly, almost motherly demeanor.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dougal Fitzwilliam
Mother Charlotte Fitzwilliam
Brother(s) Doug Fitzwilliam
Sister(s) None
Other Family None
Pets None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bubbly, kind and friendly. As a nurse she puts patients at their ease instantly. Fiesty and brave with an ability to keep calm under pressure, she makes an excellent nurse.
Sexuality homosexual
Strengths & Weaknesses + Friendly, kind, happy, brave, works well under pressure, motherly attitude to her patients.

- Never thinks of herself, not very good at anything physical
Ambitions To be happy
Hobbies & Interests Sewing, reading, plays the cello.

Personal History Born to a Scottish father and an English mother, Dina was the youngest of two children. She was born and raised in the beautiful market town of Keswick in the Cumbrian lake district. She knew from a young age that she wanted to be a nurse and after graduating went to university to study nursing. Whilst she was at University, a Starfleet recruitment drive was held and Dina was instantly drawn to the promise of adventure and exploration. She took the Academy entrance exam and before she knew it was a cadet. It hurt her immensely to leave her home behind but the idea of exploring space and doing what she loved whilst she did it gave her a thrill and she was happy to pursue her new goal.

She sailed through the Academy, becoming an excellent scrub nurse with additional general nursing training and her first job was assigned as Ensign to the USS Solace and olympic class medical ship.

Whilst she was there, she discovered something about herself that she'd long since buried for fear of her father's reaction. She met Bronte Carroll and was instantly attracted to the woman causing Dina to finally open up to the fact that she was gay. Accepting it finally caused Dina to bloom and with Bronte receptive to the attraction, the pair started a relationship and Dina fell head over heels in love for the first time in her life. It was during that time that she was victim to an attempted rape but was fortunately saved before the officer who had tried to rape her managed to finish what he had started. The event only served to strengthen the relationship with Bronte and so Dina was devastated when Bronte was reassigned from the Solace to a new post.

Life after Bronte left was hard for Dina and despite their efforts to keep in touch, the relationship finally ended, leaving Dina lost and alone. The Solace became somewhere that she didn't really want to be anymore, especially when other friends were reassigned as well and finally, after a lot of consideration, she requested a new job.

She was assigned to the USS Nightingale in the department of surgery, a job that she knew well and loved.
Service Record 2384 - Starfleet Academy
2387 - USS Solace, nurse
2392 - USS Nightingale, surgical/scrub nurse