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Lieutenant Commander Torilla 'Ripcord' Yamaguchi

Name Torilla Plataea 'Ripcord' Yamaguchi PhD

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Halanan
Age 43
Date of birth November 9th, 2347
Place of birth Kalandris City, New Halana

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 180lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall with a willowy figure, generally good looking, often wears her hair pulled back into a ponytail or French plat.
Also she sometimes wears her hair short as she will sometimes often fly flight simulators on the holosuite. Mostly
to keep her skills sharp but she can also double as a combat fighter pilot should one be needed.


Spouse Rear Admiral Jake Yamaguchi - CO, Independant Fleet Operations
Children Adopted: Flight Captain Naota - Commanding Officer - Third Wing

Elizabeth Yamaguchi - Daughter - Twenty Four years old
Kam Yamaguchi - Son in law - Twenty Three years old
Gabriel Yamaguchi - Son - Twenty Three years old
Seleste Yamaguchi - Daughter in Law - Twenty Two years old
Rachael Yamaguchi - Daughter - Twenty Two years old
Ennis Cullen - Future Son in Law - Twenty Eight Years old
Tressa Yamaguchi - Daughter - Two years old
Phoenix 'Nix' Yamaguchi - Son - Two Years old
Evoras - Jake's son with Captain T'Shaamet - Seven years old

Saki Yamaguchi - Rachael's child - Eight years old - Grandchild
Gideon Jake Yamaguchi - Gabriel and Celeste's child, 2 years old - Grandchild
Nicole Michelle Yamaguchi - Gabriel and Celeste's child, Grandchild
Arlene Torilla Yamaguchi - Gabriel and Celeste's child, Grandchild
Father Nebris Unal - Deceased
Mother Selonis Unal - Deceased
Brother(s) All on her husbands side:
Fleet Captain Lee Yamaguchi - Commanding Officer - USS Tvashtar
Sister(s) Fleet Admiral April Yamaguchi - CO - Starfleet Forces, Beta Quadrant
Captain Coral Yamaguchi - Deceased
Rear Admiral Heather Yamaguchi - CO - 7th Fleet
Division Admiral Talon Yamaguchi - Commanding Officer - USS Fall of Berlin
Other Family On her side:
Commander Jango'tat Nesbis 48 years old
Jaris Nesbis - Son - 5 years old
Torilla Nesbia - Daughter - 6 years old

On her husbands side: Many

Division Admiral Franklin Armstrong - Commanding Officer - USS Castellan
Commanding Officer - Seventh Tactical Wing - Second Fleet
Married to: April Yamaguchi

Brigadier General Lee Antilles - Deceased
Married to: Coral Yamaguchi

Brigadier General Steven Johnson - Commanding Officer, Starbase Lya Station Alpha
Married to: Heather Yamaguchi

Commander Julia Yamaguchi - Second Officer / Strategic Operations Officer - USS Tvashtar
Married to: Lee Yamaguchi

Commander Daniel Yamaguchi - Chief Strategic Operations Officer - USS Alexander the Great
Commander Celeste Yamaguchi, MD. Chief Medical Officer - USS Dreamcrusher
Captain Marie Yamaguchi - CO - USS Stalingrad

Chief Petty Officer Horus Mavek, Medical Specialist, USS Stalingrad
Married to: Marie Yamaguchi

Captain T'Rae - Commanding Officer, USS Alexander the Great
Married to: Daniel Yamaguchi

Major Bronwyn Yamaguchi - Marine Commanding Officer - USS Ardent Prayer
Married to: James Yamaguchi

Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren: Far too many to list here. Fifty Three in all.
Pets "Silversides" Female Housecat "Carter - Male Bengal Kitten "Kat" - Female Bengal Kitten "Jun" - Male Bengal Kitten "Siaxx"- Female Bengal Kitten "Jorge" - Male Bengal Kitten

Personality & Traits

General Overview Torilla Yamaguchi was rather distinctive as she stood in at an even six foot tall and weighing in at about two hundred pounds, facing off against this woman would be a daunting prospect. Torilla also is easy to deal with, she can be reasoned with and is able to calm down when angered, also she doesn't lose her temper easily or often either but when she does, she can become a frighteningly destructive force to be reckoned with.

Torilla tends to prefer things as simple as possible, she likes being prepared for anything and everything. This attitude has has served her well repeatedly as she has fought in several of the Federations most bloody battles, she has a dark side to her personality which she uses to her advantage in battle many times. It has saved her life in the process. Also Torilla has earned her flight Wings, she stays in shape by flying shuttles, runabouts and fighters when she can.

Torilla has a highly defined sense of right and wrong as she had no problems about defending those weaker then she is as she is lethal with any of her known implements of war. This is a woman who is no stranger to close quarters battle and she regards it as highly as she does time spent with her husband with is just as skilled as she is. Also she has trained her children in the arts of war and now they are just as well honed as she is because she raised them with a highly defined sense of right and wrong.

She however has two skills most lack, her psionic abilities and her temper for when provoked, she can become almost a force of nature especially when lethal force is authorized and she is armed appropriately.

She has been told several times by various CO's that she is a little too dedicated to the destruction of the enemy once the first shot is fired as she tends to stop wanting to talk when she gets shot at, its not a serious concern but if pressed she will not wish to discuss terms while ordinance flies, also she has two none-punitive letters of caution in her file from combat during the Dominion War. this did not deter her from the destruction of the enemy when needed.

Over the course of Torilla Yamaguchi's career, she picked up two reprimands. The first was at the academy where she would meet her future husband during a bar brawl and the second was she disobeyed orders to save her Captains life as he was stranded on a Volcanic moon, The Exec of the USS Endeavour decided to file a none-punitive letter of caution in her file but nothing else was done.
Sexuality bisexual
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Torilla is many things. Reasonable and easy to get along with, she's pragmatic and easygoing, she has to be because of her massive family with some four dozen members. Torilla also operates well with others and can handle many tasks at once, she has an excellent sense of humor and can shrug off insults that would deeply offend others. She's methodical when assigned tasks, she is meticulous in her work as she will often check things several times in a short timeframe. Torilla is a true master of her craft. She is an engineering savant as she can make just about anything from nothing if given enough time.

Torilla tends to overwork herself and can get stretched easily with her various hobbies. At present its rebuilding an F-15K from scratch. When angered, she has a ferocious temper that a Klingon would admire and when use of deadly force is authorized, she has no qualms about using force to deal with her opposition but this is only after all other options have been exhausted.

To Torilla, the subject of her exile is not a good conversation to have, she will not discuss it with anyone except family and even then she'll only discuss it under protest. When the subject of her exile for choosing to mate with an offworlder is brought up, when in this situation, she can become very angry and aggressive extremely quickly.

Torilla is a woman who has no problems with death. In her ongoing struggle with the inherent chaos and strife in life, she has always tried to protect the weak and the innocent as she has tried to light the way for the lost and oppressed. This is both a strength and a weakness, both balancing each other out.
Ambitions To become a good commander to her crew, to earn their respect as a leader as well as serve as a source of inspiration for others.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:
This is a woman with little time for hobbies so she takes pleasure wherever she can find it, in a long soak in the tub or a good home cooked meal. She enjoys hanging out with her cats. If one needs her she's either in three places, at home, on duty in Engineering of in one of the Engineering Machine shops, dealing with her pet project. her Peregrine fighter. She's researching how to build an F-15K

Cooking, history in various forms, flying, making Holodeck programs for various people and events. various forms of combat training.

English, Halanan, a smattering of words in other languages.

Personal History Torilla Unal as she is listed on her birth certificate was born in Kalandris City, on the northernmost continent of the Halanan homeworld of New Hallanna on November 9th, 2347 on the Terran calendar, in the capital city to Nebris and Selonis Unal, the pair had been trying to have children for years and Torilla was their last attempt, the efforts almost killed mother and child but Selonis Unal was able to bring her baby to term before the delivery killed her.

She grew up as the cherished child and while she wanted for nothing, she also learned tolerance, respect and humility as grew up watching as her colony world was terraformed around her from a polluted hellhole into a paradise, this made Torilla appreciate Starfleet and as result she would choose her profession, Engineering with a side of Operations.

She entered Starfleet Academy when she was eighteen and proved herself a capable and diligent student, she excelled in classwork and theory and frequently scored extremely highly but often did poorly with Tactical so as it turned out she was good with her hands, she has taken extra tactical courses to cure her of these issues but she still replies on the computer for the bulk of her tactical work.

She was just entering her second year when Wolf Three Five Nine occurred and the effects of that one battle were far reaching and devastating on many ways as the bulk of Starfleet's cadet corps was activated and placed on standby status, prepare to fight the Borg.

Torilla was called up along with her classmates and her now boyfriend, Jake Yamaguchi who gave her some training with bladed weapons to prepare her for the challenges that lay ahead, it was then when she realized she had feelings for the young cadet next to her on the line, what was a bigger surprise was when she found out these feelings were returned.

Fortuitously, the USS Enterprise-D was able to pull a rabbit out of their hat and stop the Borg as they entered Earth orbit and Torilla as well as her comrades were all able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Torilla graduated with honors and when she did so, she got married to her longtime boyfriend Jake Yamaguchi and she took his name as her own as the name had grown on her, also his entire family had all accepted her into their sizable family which by this point had over a dozen members.

After joining Starfleet and going to the academy, her worlds elders had permitted it in the hope she would grow out of her dalliance and then return home to help save her people from extinction but when this proved not to be the case and after she mated with an outlander, they banished her from ever returning home.

Unfortunately, this would end her ability to come back to New Halanna as the elders, upon learning what she had done, they proceeded to banish her for failing to uphold the teachings of her people in that she needed to think of them first before all others because her species was slowly dying off due to genetic damage sustained from centuries of stupidity and overpopulation of their homeworld.

In rage she turned to her husband and her new family and rather then fight with her about it as she had expected, they united behind her as they accepted her into their number as they think of relatives and in laws as blood relations without exception.

She was assigned as an Operations Officer on the USS Undauntable, an older Excelsior on her last tour before she was to be decommissioned and scrapped, it was also around this time she welcomed first a daughter that she and her husband named Beth and eighteen months later along came a son they named Gabriel, named for the legendary archangel in Christendom, it would give Torilla a compass to follow where as before, she had none thanks to the elders of her home, casting her out for following her heart.

For a time, her family was a happy and stable one as she went from the Undauntable to the USS Ursa Major and then one years later to the USS Dauntless, here she was promoted to the head of Engineering before the officer before her had transferred to another assignment before moving across to the USS Endeavour, it was here where she would earn her second reprimand for disobeying orders to save her Captain's life on a Volcanic moon. It was also around this time that she earned her combat wings, she is qualified to fly fighters, shuttles and Runabouts.

Around this time the Dominion War had begin and she served on the Front lines through some of the major battles, Tyra with the Seventh, Operation: Blue Room with the Second, Operation: Return and the following assignment to secure the Cardassian boarder, she also fought with the Sixth at Andoria and again at Coridan. She was also present for the battles at Chin'toka and Rigel VII, she was also present for the Battles of Betazed where she and her husband were reunited since the start of the war and the two of them helped free the planet at long last from Dominion occupation, she was also present for the battles of Earth, Getha and the end of the War at Cardassia itself.

Torilla had become a combat veteran in every sense of the word as she now no longer cared to help others, she was more interested in security rather then peace, vengeance rather then mercy and while Jake and her children who now returned to her could see the changes in her as she tried to cope with peacetime, she was very quick to reach for her sword, phaser rifle or whatever weapon she had at her disposal as opposed to talking the situation out.

She was jaded and thus she decided to take a couple of years away from Starfleet to sort her life out, she returned to New Halanna in spite of her exile to find her father who was now very old and dying, he held her in high regard because they had raised her well, having children of her own with a husband who loved her only confirmed that Nebris believed she was right all along, she remained home as she watched her father succumb to age related maladies within weeks of her return.

Torilla was now the executor of her family's estate so she sold everything and kept only a few keepsakes. Torilla's then returned to her husband, swearing "I will never set foot upon this miserable ball of rock ever again, my home is where I go, not here and not along any of you pathetic beings who refuse to question anything." and with that she left. angry and broken. Her husband was concerned about his wife but he knew the best thing he could do was be there for her.

Her words of course had no effect on a populace who were desperate to stave off the inevitable, their own destruction. Meanwhile Torilla had returned to her husbands side as he was now now commanding the USS Courageous with the rank of Captain and she remained under his command for the better part of two years.

The Shinzon incedent saw her transfer to Starbase 45 which was under the command of Jerome Hunt, husband to her sister in law, a woman named Talon Yamaguchi who taught her a great deal about guile and the various weapons of war as well as polishing off and refining what her husband had already taught her, Torilla also enrolled in several martial arts classes at the same time.

Talon who was at the time an eighth level black belt, an Eighth Dan saw that Torilla was being consumed by her rage so she decided to take the other woman under her wing, thanks to these teachings, Torilla now had the discipline to hold her rage in check and she found something that would greatly help her in the years to come.

Torilla's time on Starbase 45 was very productive to her body and to her soul as it freed her from the constant needs of war so she could devote her time to her husband and family while Jake was off on the USS Courageous.

Torilla served well on the base and remained here for several years, all through the Borg Onslaught and the rebuilding phases afterwards as well as the rise of a new enemy, the Typhon Pact.

Torilla had found something new to hate and her husbands family realized that Torilla was turning herself into a weapon so Talon contacted her brother and recommended that he and his wife spend some serious time together away from the fleet. so Both Torilla and her husband took six months from their combined leave time as Jake handed over command to his Exec, one Commander Charmaine Harris and they both went on a sabbatical, something she sorely needed and she found herself finding some much needed peace and calm was restored to her raging spirit.

Torilla then returned to Starbase 45 rather then return to the USS Courageous, a changed woman, one who was calmer and more centered, she would remain here for another three years and she greatly enjoyed being assigned here. In later years she would think back as this was the best assignment she's ever had, serving with her husband would come a very close second.

Torilla then was transferred to the USS America as Chief Engineering Officer when, in 2387. The Hobus star suddenly collapsed and exploded as a supernova that Torilla suspected that someone had detonated a metaweapon near the star but she had no proof of this so she kept her theory to herself. Afterwards she and their crew ran many relief missions to the Romulans and finally after two years, she requested a transfer to another assignment, that assignment was granted as she was quickly posted to Starbase 400.

Her first mission allowed her to bring to justice a former Starfleet Admiral who had helped to give bad intelligence to Admiral Bremer, and helped cost him two of his own children, she turned Riggs over to Starfleet Security for arrest rather then kill him herself as she almost did.

Since that time, she has watched her middle child. Rachael who remained under her care grow into a young woman, confident and strong in her own right as she carried on with her various forms of mixed martial arts training and discipline which she felt it was important for Rachael and her other children to know, also Torilla kept an eye on the developing relationship between Rachael and her friend Paul Harrison slowly move forward and she has become concerned as any parent normally would about their child seeing someone, despite her relative youth.

While all of this was going on, she also received news that her eldest was expecting his first child with his own wife, needless this was an event that caused great joy for her, the news that she would become a grandmother. Meanwhile Torilla's patience was rewarded with earning her first command, the USS Venator. Prometheus Class. She was the newest ship to hold the name and her time was just starting in service, same as Torilla's was in command. It was one thing to earn a command, it was quite another to earn a command of a brand new ship and Torilla hungered for chances to prove her worth.

Her second mission there was interesting as she was able to save close to twenty Starfleet officers from the USS Buraq after she was ambushed and captured by a Gorn strike group, while on assignment to the USS Kearsarge which was deployed to to the starbase for extra support. Also since being assigned to the Starbase. Torilla has found herself being stretched with her various assignments, as Assistant Chief Engineer of the base and Commanding Officer of her own ship, the USS Laffey, a smaller Defiant class light frigate but Torilla quickly found out something she did not expect. She hated command and the thought of it almost terrified her.

Torilla spent a week on the blockade line, commanding the USS Laffey. alongwith several hundred Federation and allied ships, ending a long and brutal conflict which claimed many tens of thousands of lives on both sides and helped to prevent a galactic war with the Typhon Pact. She also had to balance aggression with wisdom but its not been easy.

After the deployment. Torilla returned to the starbase where she was invited to a dual wedding, the second was for Colonel Hurd and his new wife, Jewel Hurd and the first was for her friends, Alex Harrison and Leon Pike who finally tied the knot. Torilla was reunited with her close family, while at the bachelorette party. Celeste Yamaguchi went into labor and while it was dramatic, it went without issue and a short time later, Torilla's grandson came into the world, her son and his wife named their son Gideon.

She was asked to help shake down the newly commissioned USS Yorktown and while she has little love for the small Defiant class ships which she considered to be severely overpowered Frigates, she kept her opinion to herself. Torilla spent most of the assignment at the conn rather then in command as she got to showcase her old skills in fighter cockpits. Needless to say she and Captain K'Temoc did not get along on any level whatsoever. James Bremer was a control freak and Torilla was a free spirit so a collision of frightening force was more or less inevitable.

During the shakedown mission of the USS Yorktown, she learned she was pregnant for the forth time and during the last days of her assignment to the starbase, she made plans to have this child alongside her three others. Around the same time she also heard that her daughter-in-law has also again become pregnant as well, to her that was wonderful news but upon her return to the starbase, she quickly learned she was pregnant with not one but with two children, no Halanan had had twins in over two and a half centuries so this was a major shock for her, also no Halanan has had more then two in close to six centuries so Torilla has made history.

After her pregnancy was completed and her maternity leave finished. It didn't help that Torilla was involved in a bar brawl which saw everyone involved getting sent to the infirmary for various problems. When the investigation was concluded a couple of weeks later, it was concluded that several Klingons started provoking random fights because they were 'bored.'. Admiral Bremer simply quashed it rather then punish members of a Klingon house h was on very good terms with. Also to make maters worse was that he had all of the Federation people involved demoted and reprimands written onto their service records. So Torilla who had just made Captain was demoted back to Lieutenant Commander as a result of this.

Torilla found herself being reassigned away from Starbase 400 and she went over to a dream given form, the USS Guardian, which was the first of the Pathfinder III class. These ships were built in the midst of a major technological revolution which the Federation was just starting, this ship carried a lot of experimental tech which would make a lot of the older tech obsolete. She was assigned here to take the ship down and find the bugs, crushing them with ruthless force as they appeared, it took two years and many many hours but in the end Torilla and her crew delivered a ship that in many ways was better then what her builders could make of her.

In 2392, she was transferred to a medical ship as their Chief Engineer, she was interested in the assignment as she had never served on a medical ship before so off she went, her two cats in tow. The rest went with her husband who also was looking after the children. She is also looking to getting a space large enough for a full sized Peregrine Class starfighter so she can finish building her 'Baby Warbird' she had been working on. She's also been doing research into building an F-15K.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Earth
2365 - 2369 - Engineering / Operations Student
Cadet One - Four

USS Halfgan - Akira Class
2369 to 2370 - Engineering Officer

USS Undauntable - Excelsior Class
2370 to 2372 - Engineering Officer
Ensign / Lieutenant JG

USS Ursa Major - Excelsior Class
2372 to 2373 - Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant JG

USS Dauntless - Galaxy Class
2373 to 2374 - Chief Engineering Officer

Dominion War Service
USS Endeavour - Nebula Class
March 2374 to August 2374 - Chief Engineering Officer

USS Justice - Ambassador Class
August 2374 to October 2374 - Chief Engineering Officer

USS Stalwart Dawn - Akira Class
October 2374 to March 2375 - Chief Engineering Officer

USS Ovathan - Akira Class
March 2375 to July 2375 - Chief Engineering Officer

USS Courageous - Galaxy Class
July 2375 to December 2375 - Chief Engineering Officer

Dominion War Service Ends:

USS Courageous - Galaxy Class
December 2375 to Mid 2376 - Chief Engineering Officer

Extended Leave of Absence from the Fleet - Subject of Exile and Parents Deaths. New Halania
Mid 2376 to Mid 2377

USS Courageous - Galaxy Class
Mid 2377 to 2379 - Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant / Lt Commander

Starbase 45 - Spacedock - Class
2379 to 2383 - Engineer
Lt Commander

Leave of Absence - Extended Sabbatical - Casperia Prime
March 2383 to October 2383

Starbase 45 - Starbase 74 Type
October 2383 to 2386 - Engineering Officer
Lt Commander / Commander

USS America - Nebula Class
2386 to 2388 - Chief Engineering Officer

Starbase 400 - Starbase 74 Type
2388 to 2390 - Chief Engineering Officer
Commander / Captain

USS Laffey - Defiant Class
2389 to 2390 - Commanding Officer
Commander / Captain

USS Guardian - Pathfinder III Class
2390 to 2392 - Chief Engineering Officer
Lt Commander

USS Nightingale - Olympic Class
2392 to Present - Chief Engineering Officer
Lt Commander