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Master Chief Petty Officer Markum Quinn

Name Markum Tyrannus Quinn

Position Guest

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 61
Date of birth 01/01/2333
Place of birth Utopia Colony, Mars

Physical Appearance

Height 1.82 M
Weight 84.8 Kg
Hair Color Bald/salt&pepper beard
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Quinn has a medium frame, with an athletic build. His head is shaved, and sports a salt&pepper beard that he keeps well groomed. He has a cybernetic right arm which starts at the right shoulder joint.


Spouse Drusilla McCarthy (significant other)
Children Marcus Quinn-son 23 y/o Medical Officer, Starbase Earth
Tyra Quinn - Daughter 2 y/o (Betazed)
Eve Quinn - Daughter 6 mo

Father Tyrannus Voltaire Quinn III- Deceased
Mother Maryland Ann Quinn -age 92
Brother(s) Tyrannus Quinn IV- age 70
Voltaire Quinn- age 66
Starkus Quinn- age 63
Sister(s) Lexious Quinn- age 68
Alurity Quinn- deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Markum is fairly laid back and easy to approach. He is patient, and willing to teach how things should be done. He knows full well that there is the right way, the wrong way, and the engineer's way. He still prefers the engineer's way.
Sexuality hetrosexual
Strengths & Weaknesses +Honest

-Practical Joker
-Analytical thinker
-Short attention span

*Speaks: Federation basic, Vulcan, Andorian
Ambitions Markum has already had a career that most would die for, but the old salt is not done yet. He looks to use his Doctorate in Advanced Quantum Warp Dynamics, and his nearly 40 years of Starfleet experience in getting another young crew in shape.
Hobbies & Interests Geology (rock collecting)
Engine Designs
Guitar playing/songwriting
Spending time with his kids and family

Personal History Markum was born in 2333 on the Mars Colony. Markum's father was a renowned civilian engineer. Markum spent very little time at one place, since he and his mother would only stay as long as it would take for his father's next job would come about. He has traveled all across the Federation with his family. He attended the Andorian University of Structural Engineering at age 18. Upon graduation four years later, he went to work in the family Engineering firm. For two years he worked within his father's civil engineering firm, but something was missing. He felt it every time he looked upon the night sky and gazed at the stars

Markum decided he wanted to see the galaxy, so in 2357, and against his family wishes, he enlisted in Starfleet. He could of tried to wait for the next registration for Starfleet Academy, and enjoyed a nice commission since he had already acquired a Bachelor's Degree, and part-way though his Master's. Markum wasn't willing to wait. He wanted to join now, not later.

Service Record Markum took the Starfleet Aptitude and Placement Examination (SAPE) and scored exceptionally high in the analytical and mathematical sections. He was approved for the engineering operational status. After boot camp he was wished away to his advanced training in engineering, then upon completion sent to the USS Constellation as a Structural/Environmental Systems Specialist.

Markum spent for years on the Constellation, and found out how much he loved ship-life. So much that he extended his time, and was transferred to the USS Galaxy. There he changed specialty to Holographic Systems Specialist, then to Warp Systems Specialist.

Markum loved the ship, but after nine years, he was happy when his transfer was approved to the USS da Vinci so he could join the Starfleet Corps of Engineers team. For three years he traveled to some of the worst places, attempting to rebuild worlds during the conflicts with the Cardassians, which lead to the Dominion War.

2373 Quinn transferred to the USS Thor, a new Defiant-Class vessel commissioned in response to the Dominion War. Quinn was awarded a medal for original thinking for saving his ship and crew from certain destruction while traversing the Wormhole out of the Gamma Quadrant.

2377 Quinn was granted his first Warrant and transferred to Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco, to assist with the newly organized Xenotechnology Research Division (XRD). The majority of the information about what was researched within the XRD is highly classified. Quinn loved the opportunity to work with new technologies, especially when they involved starship drives and propulsion units.

After 5 years he was promoted and was offered a position of Assistant Chief Engineer aboard the newly commissioned USS Quirinal. For six years he served faithfully, while in deep-space exploration. It was exciting, with every destination a new adventure in itself. This was why he left the family business for Starfleet. The freedom. Quinn was promoted to Senior Chief Warrant during the return trip home, and was made acting Chief Engineer until they returned back to Earth.

After returning home Quinn took a 2 month leave to reevaluate his desire to return to service. The question lasted a whole minute. While giving his family a tour of Starbase Earth, he was approached and was offered the Chief Engineer Position on the newly commissioned USS Valiant. He accepted and held the position for nine months until the vessel was unexpectedly decommissioned due to the CO's unforeseen resignation.

Now Quinn has had his transfer request to the USS Galileo approved, and he looks forward to getting his hands on the nacelles of the newest Nova-Class.

After the completion of the first mission, Markum resigned his warrant, feeling that he could no longer safely continue on as Chief Engineer since the loss of his right arm. The CO accepted his warrant resignation and granted him the NCO rank of Master Chief Petty Officer, and designated him as the new Chief of the Boat.

At the same time of changing his Doctorate in Advanced Quantum Warp Dynamics, Quinn was promoted to Command Master Chief Petty Officer.

Towards the end of 2393 Markum was involved in a risky and unapproved genetic procedure aboard the Galileo. The procedure almost killed the man and left him weakened. Knowing he could not perform his duties, Markum took an extended medical leave and along with his girlfriend, Drusilla McCarthy and their child, and moved back to the long held Markum Ranch on Earth, in the Utah countryside.
The year of 2394 started with Markum facing a month long board of inquiry for an ethics violation, which he was found guilty of and demoted from the rank of Command Master Chief to Master Chief, with no option for promotion.
After the demotion was rendered, QUinn and his long time girlfriend, Drusilla, both healed and itching to get back into doing what they loved, along with their 6 month old child. The couple both requested transfer to the Medical Ship, USS Nightingale, knowing that they still had much more to contribute to Starfleet.

Medical History:
Markum is in top physical condition for a 61 year old. He works out with free weights whenever he can, and loves to use the holodeck for jogging or swimming in eccentric locations from across the galaxy.

Cybernetic Right Arm Implant

Service Record:
2357 - Enters Starfleet Basic Training - Eng Spec.
2357- Advanced Enlisted Engineering Training- Crewman 2nd Class

2357 - USS Constellation (Constellation-Class)
Assigned as an Engineering Specialist.
2359: Promoted-Crewman 1st Class-Structural / Environmental Systems Specialist

2361 -USS Galaxy (Galaxy-Class)
2361: Transferred- Structural/Environmental Systems Specialist
2362:Promoted- P.O. 3rd Class-Holographic Systems Specialist
2367:Promoted- P.O. 2nd Class-Warp Systems Specialist

2370 Transferred- Starfleet Corps of Engineers
2371:Promoted P.O. 1st Class-SCE

2373- USS Thor (Defiant-Class)
Transferred- Cloaking Systems Specialist
2375:Promoted- Chief Petty Officer Engineer's Mate
2376- Completed Master's Degree in Propulsion Dynamics
2377:Promoted- Warrant Officer

2377- Starfleet HQ San Francisco
Transferred- Xenotechnology Research Division
2382:Promoted- CWO

2382- USS Quirinal (Vesta-Class)
Transferred- Asst. Chief Engineer
2387:Promoted- Senior Chief Warrant Officer

2388- USS Valiant (Defiant-Class)
Transferred- Chief Engineer

2389- USS Galileo (Nova-Class)
Transferred- Chief Engineer

2389- *Moved to rank of Master Chief Petty Officer ~ Chief of the Boat

2390 - *Command Master Chief Petty Officer

2391 - LOA (6 months), Completed Doctorate

2393 - Medical LOA

2394 - Board of Inquiry (Ethics Violation), Demoted to Master Chief Petty Officer

2394 - Transfer to USS Nightingale, Chief of the Boat