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Lieutenant Rilem Setox

Name Rilem Setox M.D.

Position Surgeon - Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 38
Date of birth 29-04-2353
Place of birth Betazed

Physical Appearance

Height 1.90m
Weight 85kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Rilem is long and has an atheltic build. He wears his brown shoulder-length hair mostly in a tail, but sometimes looose.


Spouse Zyta
Children None
Father Dosabt Setox
Mother Rarixi Setox-Linabt
Brother(s) Detawe Setox, older;
Gavavt Setox, older;
Racum Setox, older;
Horeln Setox, older;
Sister(s) Tapii Setox younger;
Other Family Pidavr Setox-Hudox, wife of Datawe;
Aehi Setox-Jipe, wife of Gavavt;
Jucele Setox-Gihoi, wife of Racum;
Numerous amount of nephews and nieces.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rilem is a strong men, both physically and mentally. He is a laid back person who doesn't worry very quickly. He is a real familyman. He would do anything for his family. Not being around them is what he misses the most since he left Betazed.
Sexuality hetrosexual
Strengths & Weaknesses + Very social, makes friends easily
+ Doesn't worry quick
+ Can stay calm in tense situations
(Weaknesess will follow)
Ambitions To have a family and re-start his practice on Betazed.
Hobbies & Interests Running, reading medical journals and hanging out with his friends.

Personal History Rilem was born on Betazed on 29-04-2362 as the fifth child of Dosabt and Rarixi Setox. He grew up in Betazed’s capital city. His mother works as a midwife from home. While his elder brothers often escaped the house when their mother had to work he liked to help his mother. Rilem spend his free time either getting in trouble with his brothers or staying at home to help his mother. And later, when his younger sister was born he helped her mother taking care of her while she was working.

When he finished school he decided to join his mother in her practice, at first as an apprentice but after five years he took over her practice when she retired. In the beginning his brothers made fun of his profession as it was a mostly female profession, but they stopped when they had children their selves delivered with the assistance of Rilem.

He occasionally came in the situation where he needed to hand a patient over to a doctor because the patient needed more intensive care. That made him decide to get medical degree. Even though it would have made the most sense for him to choose a school on Betazed he went to Earth and went to Starfleet Academy. For years he heard stories from his friend about their travels through the galaxy, about all the others world and species that were there and he always felt a little bit jalousie that he never had the possibility to travel. Starfleet gave him the possibility to carry out the profession he loved and travel the stars and see many new civilizations. It is his dream however to one day live on his home world instead on a starship. Ending his practice and transfer his often loyal patience to a colleague was one of the hardest things he had ever done. But nothing was harder than saying goodbye to his family. They are a very close (and loud) bunch and he was the first of his family to leave the city, let alone the planet.

At the academy he quickly made friend and he soon had a tight group of friends. Then one day in his second year he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and he had met a lot of them in his years. She wasn’t the typical woman he dated. His friend took him to a boxing match and there he saw her. In the ring. Fighting a man twice her size. Seconds after he saw her she knocked him unconscious and won the match. That however was no reason for him not to pursue her. At first she didn’t want anything to with him. He often volunteered at the Academy’s first aid post when she had a match, so he could lap her up. After weeks she finally agreed to go on a date with him. The next two years their relationship grew steadily, although with many bumps and ‘problems’ due to their very different personalities.

At the end of his studies he learn of his new posting, the USS Hood, and he went to see Zyta. Very excited because the Hood, a Galaxy class ship, was the class he had hoped for as it offered him the most possibilities with it being a family vessel. But when he saw her and heard she had a different posting he didn’t know what to do. He suggested they found a ship together, but she refused that. She got a posting on a defiant class vessel and for her that was perfect being an EMT specialist. Weeks later as their graduation was approaching he got desperate. He didn’t want to separate from her. He really loved her, he noticed by the hurt he felt only after the thought of not seeing her again. The only solution he could come up with was asking her to marry him. And so he did. To his surprise she said yes and one day before their graduation they got married at a small chapel in Las Vegas. For some strange reason the owners of the chapel urged him to wear a strange looking white suit with a black wig and Zyta a white dress that was blown up by the wind on the pictures that were taken afterwards. They spend their first night as a married couple in a nearby hotel and had to hurry the next morning to be on time for their graduation. In the week before their departure they didn’t leave their room at all. Their farewell was hard, but they had agreed that after both of them had finished their specialty they would make sure they could work together and more important live together. They also agreed that their relationship wouldn’t be exclusive as four years was a long time and their love for each other was stronger.

The next four years he served on the Hood with much enjoyment. Not that they came across many woman in need of his medical knowledge, but he knew that. That was why he made sure he was a fully qualified surgeon, and not alone on the female related parts on a person. Even though he missed Zyta every waking moment, the four year went by fast.
Service Record 2369-2383: Worked as a midwife on Betazed
2383-2387: Starfleet Academy Medical Cadet
2387-2392: Surgeon in training - USS Hood - Lieutenant JG
2392-now: Surgeon OBGYN - USS Nightingale - Lieutenant