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Lieutenant Yulia Sokolov

Name Yulia Sophia Sokolov

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29
Date of birth April 4
Place of birth Cheremkhovo, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 155cm
Weight 49kg
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color green
Physical Description Yulia tends to look a bit young for her age, having soft features, rosy cheeks. Her preference for braids and pony tails don't help the over all look of being a teenager and not in her late twenties.


Father Mikhaila Sokolov: Scientist
Mother Catherine Shostakovitch: Pianist
Brother(s) Johan: Civil Engineer
Sister(s) Mila: Counselor
Katarina: Pathologist/Mortician Technician.
Pets Dog:Newfoundland named Borzi

Personality & Traits

General Overview Independent, original, analytical, and determined. Yulia has always shown an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans of action.

She values Knowledge and structure. But she problems when things start to go wrong, or become disorganized, she can be at time very hard to work with. Having little patients for foolishness.
Sexuality bisexual
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intelligent
+Hard Working

-Bit of a Temper
-Some what OCD
Ambitions Yulie really doesn't have a ambition at the moment other then serving on a star ship as the CSO. She would like at some point to be the Captain of a science ship or research station.
Hobbies & Interests Plays Piano with a note worthy amount of skill.
Paints and sculpts though tends to lack originality.
Reasonably skills in the Hopak Martial arts. A group of indo-Siberian martial arts revolving round the use the shashka sword.

Some amount of interest in Marital arts but mostly to stay in shape.

Personal History Yulia was born and raised in the rather remote earth region of Siberia. She did however travel a good amount in her child hood, going with her mother on trips to preform in concerts and her father to various location when he attended conferences.

While her father supported her interest in science, and indeed provided most of her education growing up. He was less then impressed with her choice to join star fleet, viewing there application of science to be some what limited in scope. He was also less then supportive of her preference to focus on biological and cybernetic science then on physical sciences.

Yulia attended and did quite well at the academy, and after graduation went on to study and work for a time at the Daystrom Institute. Staying long enough to receive a doctorate in Cybernetics and robotics.

She then spent some time as part of a small task force focused on the reintegration of borg drones, before transferring to fleet duty. Serving for a short time on the Research vessal USS Salar. Then transferring to the USS Nightingale.

While her professional life as been eventful she has to a great deal neglected her personal life. While she has hobbies and a pet. Her only romantic relationship ended rather quickly, if not on good terms.

And while she was well respected as a scientist and student. She was noted on several occasions to be a bit hard to work with. Not to the extent of actually being disruptive or insubordinate. But rather some what inflexible and argumentative.
Service Record Star Fleet Academy: Applied Science.
Daystrom Institute: Associate and Assistant Instructor, Research aid.
:Masters in Nanotechnology.
:Phd Cybernetics and Robotics.
Tro'vek IV Research Station: Research lead.
USS Salar: ACSO.
USS Nightingale: CSO.