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Ola'ha's wish

Posted on Sat Feb 11th, 2017 @ 11:16am by Lieutenant Alohiai illm Warraquim

Things in Fleet were always a hurry up and then wait. One was either rushing to get to something or get something done or one was waiting on orders, transports, a myriad of things. Alohiai was in such a position right now waiting for transport to catch the ship. A nice ship, a medical ship, one dedicated to but one purpose. As she sat her mind drifted. Those tales of childhood, those little stories which once fascinated one when little but were quickly put away when older always seemed to come around again when one was far away from home.

As she sat a particular one came to mind. It was a little tale to tell why Akkadians had remarkable ability to heal. There was little doubt that sometime in the past there was a more mundane explanation, but none the less this little tale that danced her head seemed comforting. She found a quite corner and began to dictate. "Please open personal log," she intoned in that musical tone that she put into her pronunciation of Federation Standard.

[Log open]

"Once a long time ago there was a small dwelling on the edge of the forest long before the Great Houses came to be. In this house lived a mother and her two daughters. One daughter was fair and full of grace and her name was Aleakea and the other daughter had been born with deformity that twisted her legs and her name was Ola'ha.

One day Aleakea needed to go to the spring to fetch water and as she was filling the container out of the forest came a withered old Mother. "Child, may I have some water please?"

Aleakea looked up and felt sorrow for the old Mother and poured the water out and then washed the container and refilled it from the middle of the spring with the freshest water. "Here Mother, please drink and be refreshed."

The old one did that and then thanked the girl and went one her way.

The next day it was Ola'ha's turn to fetch the water and as she did so again the old Mother appeared out of the forest. "Child, may I have some water please."

Ola'ha nodded and like her sister, washed the container and then waded far into the pool to get the freshest water. She slipped and lost her footing and being twisted could not swim well and drowned.

Since her sister had not returned Aleakea went to look for her and found her floating in the pool. She went to bring her back and begin to cry over her sister's body.

The old woman appeared again. "Child, why do you cry?"

"My sister has been lost. I should have taken her turn for the water."

The old woman transformed there into the form of a beautiful goddess and said, "You have shown me kindness what is your wish?"

"To have my sister back of course!" Aleakea said.

"I could make you good fortune and wealth," the goddess said.

"What more precious could there be in this world then the love of my sister? What more good fortune could one have then to share sorrows, joys, laughter and tears with?"

"Very wise, beyound your years Child." And with that the goddess waved a hand and restored Ola'ha to life. The two sisters held each other and cried with joy.

"Child," the goddess said looking to Ola'ha. "You were kind as well and for me you lost your life once. I shall grant you a wish. Wealth, freedom from your deformity?"

"Mother," Ola'ha answered in reverence. "I have learned to live with my deformity but others have not." She waved a hand at the pool and spring.
"Perhaps, all that come here and drink from the water may be restored to health and fullness. That is what I ask for."

The goddess nodded, "And as wise as your sister. Very well, all that come here and drink from your pool Child will be restored."

The goddess turned and waved her hands and then vanished.

Aleakea got up and fetched the container and dipped it into the pool and brought it back to her sister. "Here sister, drink like the goddess commanded."

Ola'ha did and instantly her deformity went away and she was as beautiful as her sister.

And thus the tale of Ola'ha's pool spread and people came to drink of the miraculous waters and came away restored. The two sisters lived a very long time and it is said that in time they gifted the miracle of the spring to all, that all might be restored and all for a simple kindness to a stranger.

Compter close log and title this Ola'ha's wish."

{Titled and closed]


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