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How the Islands Came to Be

Posted on Sun Feb 26th, 2017 @ 7:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Alohiai illm Warraquim

Computer open log Tales of Akkadia"

[Log is open]

"As I mentioned I find comfort in the child's tales that are told. They have come to comfort me as I journey far from home, far from kind. This is a little tale that is told on how the islands came to be on Akkadia.

"It is said that at one time there was much more to Akkadia then the scattered islands. It goes like this. All of Akkadia was once a large lush forest that extended horizon to horizon instead of the few islands that exist today.

The goddess Malina had a beautiful daughter that lived and attended the forest, the flowers and all the things that dwelt there in. She was so beautiful that all the other gods lusted after her and many tried to win her hand but she did not favour any of them. One god, Polelyna did not take the rejection favourably and instead of accepting the rejection of his affections decided to kidnap Malina's daughter Pelina.

He did so and took her away into the caves of darkness which was his domain. Malina could do nothing as she was powerless where the light of the Twins did not shine. So she began to cry, and she cried and cried and slowly the land became flooded. The waters rose and rose until a great sea stretched across the face of Akkadia. The waters flooded into the caves wherein dwelt Polelyna and his captured bride Pelina. The waters rose until they covered all the world and only in the deepest caverns that some part had not flooded was Polelyna and Pelina.

Pelina did not fear for herself but as the waters rose she felt the loss of the flowers and trees and animals that she had come to love. She herself then began to cry, but her tears were of fire and living rock and they burst finally through the waters rising above them and her mother knew that her daughter was safe.

Polelyna fled away into even deeper places of darkness which was his domain and Pelina was once again reunited with her mother.

"Oh mother!" she cried as she beheld the great ocean stretching now from horizon to horizon where before there had only been forest. "What have you done? Where is the beautiful land and the creatures that roamed them. All lost beneath the sea."

Malina shook her head, "Daughter not all is lost. For those that roamed the land I have given them fins and gills, or wings to bear them above the waters. I have saved the seeds and from your own tears you will replant those lands that have risen above my tears."

Pelina still felt sadness in her heart but she took the saved seeds and again began to attend to the land of her own tears. Though the old forest was gone, the seeds that sprouted yielded beautiful flowers and a forest of lushness that surpassed the old many times.

The things of the sea and those of the land were myrid and wonderful and Pelina was happy but sometimes, as she roamed the new lands, she remembered the old and again her tears would flow and from them a new island would be born.

"Computer close log"

[Log is closed]


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