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Unhappy placement

Posted on Mon Mar 26th, 2018 @ 12:11pm by


A medical ship!?

A medical ship. That’s Starfleets latest assignment for me. Looking after the engineering needs of a bunch of doctors, no doubt all with their squeaky chairs. I signed up to Star Fleet to really make my mark on the universe. To be amoungst the first to set foot on alien soil, or to have my name written on the side of a new type of warp core. Something that leaves my footprint on the road of humanities story.

Instead I am to be a passenger in the story of medics. No engineer of a medical ship has ever had their name so much as mentioned out side of a foot note.

But I guess I can’t complain too much, it’s a step on the right direction. I get to step up to the role of Chief engineer. It’s not like I won’t be busy either, the Nightingale is an old ship, bound to be falling apart at every bulkhead. Let’s just hope those medics realise it’s not just them keeping me alive. Same goes the other way.

Aunt Kate seems thrilled with my new assignment. She makes out she’s just happy about the field promotion, but I know I’m reality she just thinks I’ll be safer. She always worries. I get why, but I just wish she could see times have changed. There is no war, no real threats to us now. Granted there is danger, and there always will be for a Star Fleet Officer. But it’s not like my parents time any more. Maybe I am just getting to complaisant.

Lieutenant JG Laura French, Chief Engineer, USS Nightingale


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