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Supplying the colonists post

Posted on Sat Dec 2nd, 2017 @ 5:19am by Lieutenant Alohiai illm Warraquim & Ensign Dina Fitzwilliam
Edited on on Mon Dec 4th, 2017 @ 3:14am

Mission: Descent Into Abaddon
Location: Someplace in the city
Timeline: MD02 Time 1145

The roads were bumpy from the debris that had fallen or been blown from the winds. In addition, various cracks had formed up as the earthquakes associated with the eruption had not made things any better, and, in fact, there were times when the vehicle had to swerve or find different routes to make its way. They seemed to be farther from the outlying clinic than ever before with the circuitous route they had to take.

Unbeknownst to the people in the vehicle, several major pipes had broken, and water had found new channels underground that, combined with changes in the undercourse of natural water flow, had etched away large sections of the underlying limestone parts of the city were built on. As they traveled down one street that used to be a major thoroughfare, the surface was only being held by just a thin layer of pavement and substrata. The vehicle got only about half way when the strain was too much and the surface collapsed into a large sinkhole. The vehicle, roadway, and parts of buildings all suddenly vanished into the darkness.

Alohiai felt the sudden lurch and loss of gravity, and instinct made her want to use her wings, but there was no way to open them in the confines. The next instinct was to relax and close her eyes.

The petite nurse by her side, however, went into full panic mode as the vehicle plummeted down the sinkhole, letting out a scream as she reached out to grab something, anything, to brace herself for the impact that she knew was to come.

And come it did. With a heartrending groan, the vehicle smacked into the ground, the front crumpling as rocks, debris, and bits of building buried the Starfleet transport in its wake, pushing it over onto its roof.

Several tremors shook the remains before silence fell, leaving the vehicle and its occupants stranded and alone.

Pain rocketed through Dina's arm as she tried to right herself, and she let out a whimper of surprise as she said with a shaky voice, "Is...Is everyone okay?"

Alohiai took the fall, and while bruising, she was pretty sure nothing had broken. The words of the flight mother echoed still in her ears. "The ground is a harsh mistress, but there are ways to survive her punishment." She heard the others and the nurse shout and cry out. She took moments though before moving at all to make sure that nothing had broken. While hollow bones could easily snap, they also made for flexibility. Again, she was pretty certain that other than some bad bruises, she had not gotten any real harm.

Opening her eyes, she could almost see nothing. The truck lights were still on, but barely lit more than a bit of a circle of dust still swirling around. The sound of water was nearby as well. She shifted slowly and replied, "I think I have come away mostly unscathed, except for perhaps a cut and several bruises. And you?" Alohiai was concerned that the driver had not responded, but first things first.

"Pretty sure I've broken my arm," Dina replied in a pained voice before gesturing to the front of the truck. "It's awful quiet up there."

Alohiai shifted slowly, but the truck seemed stable enough. She slowly made her way over to Dina and got a tricorder up and running. "Indeed, your assessment is correct. I believe there was an osteogenerator in the boxes, but we are going to have to get out first. Let's see if we can at least splint the arm, and I need to check on the drivers up front." She looked around, trying to find something that might work. A couple of pieces of wood had splintered that had helped support the boxes. These days one hardly used bandages, and what there might be were also boxed away and not handy. Aloihai stripped her tunic top off and, using the sharp pieces of broken wood, sliced the garment up best she could. "This will have to do until possibly can get to better equipment."

"Better than nothing, right?" Dina replied shakily as she braced herself for the application of the splint, because she knew it was going to hurt like hell.

Alohiai went to work. She had to straighten the arm and partially set it back into place. The wood was rough, and she got more than one splinter as she worked. Finally she finished. The splint was crude, but hopefully, until they could get to decent equipment, it would have to do.

There was a hatch in the roof not too far above where they were located. The truck, being somewhat tilted, would not make it difficult, but Alohiai was not sure with Dina's broken arm. As she moved to check it, her foot slipped a little, and she was surprised when it came away wet. She had heard the sound of running water, figuring broken pipes someplace, but not that it would be filling up the space they had landed in. She looked down, and in the dim light could see that the water was slowly rising. "We have an issue. Let me see if I can get that hatch open."

"What kind of an issue?" Dina frowned, cradling her arm, which admittedly felt better now that the splint had been applied.

"I believe we are in water. My foot just got wet, and I am not absolutely sure, but I think it is slowly rising, or the truck is continuing to sink," Alohiai replied with a terse minimum as she worked at the hatch. There was not much leverage, and Akkadians, other than the infertile males, were not built with a lot of strength. There was little place to get leverage in here, and she slipped more than once, banging limbs and hands.

It took much longer than she had wanted, but finally the hatch latches moved enough to release the hatch, and she pushed it open. It was dim and dusty, and she coughed and hacked as that grit got into her lungs and system. The area was dark, but she could just make out that where the truck now lay was a sort of new lake with a bit of current running through it. Bits of flotsam drifted by in a lazy but definite movement. She still could not figure if the truck was sinking or the level was rising. Nonetheless, the cab was under water, which pretty much put paid to anyone in there. She slipped back into the truck.

"Time to go," she said to Dina. "I am not sure yet how to get you out of this with a broken arm."

"What about them?" Dina gestured to the two officers at the front of the truck.

"Unless they can hold their breath for a very long time or have grown gills, I am afraid that they have drowned. The whole front of the truck is underwater, and the rest will soon be. Come, give me your good arm and I can try to help. We are not built all that strong, but I will do my best."

Dina stifled a sob at the news and nodded, knowing that survival was paramount right now. She could cry later. Taking Alohiai's hand with her good arm, she tried her best to scramble over the trucks chairs and equipment to meet the doctor at the hatch as water continued to fill up the vehicle. Looking up, she gasped and said, "We fell that far?" How was she going to climb out with a broken arm?

"Indeed," Alohiai remarked, looking up at the circle of light. "I would not be surprised the impact of the fall..." She looked downward toward the cab of the truck now below water. "They hardly knew what happened. Right now, I am pretty sure I can fly that far up. Not much wind here, but I cannot lift you." She pointed to the water and added, "I would say to just let the water float you, but it has a current, and where it is going is probably not someplace either of us want to go." She tried her comm, but got only static on it. "And calling for help currently is out of the question."

Dina nodded and forced back a sob. She was a Starfleet officer and was trained to deal with any situations that might arise, but right now, in pain and in danger, she was close to losing it. She didn't want to die, and yet, right now, it felt like that was the only likely outcome. "Maybe when you get up there you can find some help?" she said hopefully, though they were already some distance from the rest of the Nightingale and Nemesis crew, and by the time Alohiai got there and back the water would have risen further.

"I am not sure there is anyone around, nor could I find someone. Also," she looked up at the debris that swirled around, "I think it is a one time trip. The wind might damage my wings." She thought a bit more. "Say, were there not bandages or similar in one of the cargo containers?"

"Yes, I made sure to pack plenty." Dina nodded.

"I am thinking we can make some sort of makeshift rope, if we can get to them. If we can do that I might be able to get that up and then find a place to tie it or use a capstan-like arrangement to hoist you up."

"It's worth a try," Dina replied, starting to see a glimmer of hope. Getting up, she began to struggle over to where the containers were, knowing they were on a tight schedule before she drowned.

Alohiai was glad she had learned to water dance a little. Though the back of the truck was above the water, there was not really a good place to get in through the doors, and with Dina's broken arm in a crude split she could only manage so much. The door was heavy enough, and she was not sure if she was ever going to get it open, but finally with a good shove it groaned open and then slammed into the truck body. That made the truck shake and seemed to make it lurch as though it dislodged. It started to sink even faster. "A'leapo!" Alohiai said with the expletive. The one bit of good news was the crates had cracked back here as well, and she spotted what she was looking for. She quickly got the tough material and then flew the loose end to Dina. "Get you to the back first." She tied it around her waist, but also made her hold it with her good hand, and then flew back, looping it around a bar sticking up from the back end of the truck. She pulled, bracing her feet on the truck as hard as she could. Akkadians were built for flight and endurance, not pure physical strength, but she put everything she had into getting the nurse toward the high end of the truck.

--Several minutes later--

Exhausted and tired and with wings shredded by the grit and wind, Alohiai sprawled in the shelter of a building. Dina was resting as well from the ordeal, but they both needed to get some attention. She took her communicator and pressed it, hoping that by some miracle someone might pick it up. She knew that between the buildings, the grit, and dust in the air, and the other weather phenomena, that communications were going to be spotty. She also knew that they were overdue, but they had to drive a circuitous route to get to the hospital, and thus not an easy task to figure out where the two of them might be.

“Nightingale, anyone, this is Lieutenant Alohiai. Please respond!”

There was nothing but static, but that did not keep her from continuing to try over and over. Weird things might happen, and by now someone would be trying to figure out what happened to the crew on the way to the outlying hospital.


Lt. Alohiai illm Warraquim

Ens. Dina Fitzwilliam
NPC Alex Tiva


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