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Planning for Arrival

Posted on Sat Aug 24th, 2019 @ 4:18pm by Lieutenant Oskar Ruseka MD

Mission: R&R Interrupted
Location: Federation Transport Vessel

The Federation transport vessel Boca Raton was severely dated, but she did her job and served her purpose of ferrying Starfleet and Federation Civilian personnel to new assignments. The Boca Raton had taken aboard Dr. Oskar F. Ruseka as a passenger en route to Risa where several passengers would be getting off to enjoy some vacation time. Oskar would be getting off there as well; However, that was because the Olympic class USS Nightingale was currently in orbit allowing personnel aboard to have some R&R of their own with shore leave.

It was prudent that the Boca Raton reach Risa before the Nightingale broke orbit and was called away from the system. There had already been several delays with the old Raton. The transport vessel was older than Oskar was, and that was saying something. Not that Oskar was ancient, but he had been born in 2350, and this transport vessel definitely pre-dated that by a few years at least. Aside from some replacement parts here and there, the interior of the transport vessel screamed 2340s and 2350s aesthetic and decor.

Setting foot on Risa would have been nice after the lengthy travel aboard the transport vessel, but that just simply was not in the cards when the Boca Raton arrived in the Risa system. The USS Nightingale was still there, Oskar needed to come aboard which he would do from a ship to ship transport from transporter room to transporter room though he admittedly held his breath that the Boca Raton could handle the task safely. He also would need to report in with the XO after being shown to his assigned quarters by the quartermaster. Then, of course there would be the meeting with the Chief Medical Officer or one of their underlings to ensure he was physically fit for duty and all medical records were properly transferred over. If his schedule permitted, he would have a look at some of the science labs and mingle with the science personnel.


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