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Search for the Black Lotus (Part 1)

Posted on Fri Sep 27th, 2019 @ 2:01am by Captain Tan'ato Tejera & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir & Lieutenant Commander Alohiai illm Warraquim & Lieutenant Neomi Verrill & Lieutenant Yulia Sokolov & Lieutenant Kiernan Gallagher VII PhD & Ensign Vivienne Standen

Mission: R&R Interrupted
Location: Orbit of Risa
Timeline: MD 11 1000

Tan’ato looked around the bridge. It was a bit more crowded this morning with a few more science officers at the spare science stations. The big Orion stood up and tugged on his uniform, stretching it across his massive muscles as he addressed the crew.

“Master Chief Mendoza was able to get us the most recent orbital scans of Risa,” Tan began, “but they are a bit out of date. We will concentrate on the less developed areas of the planet first. Rowa’ni are sensitive to pollution levels and prefer natural habitats. If their camp they established on the Trill moon is any indication, it will be in a nearly inaccessible wilderness. The problem is going to be that it is extremely difficult to separate Rowa’ni life signs from the vegetative readings, so you have your work cut out for you. Let’s get to work.”

Transporter Room One

Alohiai felt almost naked, but it was just because the thin flight dress contrasted so much to the tight fitted uniforms that the rest of the personnel were wearing. There was a feed from the bridge so that everyone could listen in to the captain. She checked the modified tricorder that was strapped to her wrist and wondered if she had done the right thing. Getting a general scan was one thing, getting detailed was another altogether. The plan more or less was to see if the ship and scientists could pick up much of anything, then if something interesting warranted further investigation, she would be beamed near with coordinates some place in mid-air. There might be perimeter alarms, but it was doubtful other than observing for a shuttle that a person sized object would kick off much alarm, and as she had pointed out, she had already established a habit of flying, and hopefully that would be enough. She carried no weapons, the tricorder was all the technology she would have along, with a general pin on communicator. Again, just in case, most of that could be easily explained as a curiosity of her own as she traversed the terrain.

She waited a moment or two after the captain finished and called on the communicator, "We are all set here if you get a hit on something interesting."

Neomi stood to the side of the room after they were done preparing for the mission. "Good luck, Commander."

"Thank you," Alohiai replied.


At the Ops station, Yvette said, "If the Rowa’ni are humanoid/plant hybrids, as I understand it, then they will lack some of the structures and chemicals present in plants, such as lignin. It's used to make bark and wood. I doubt their bodies would have a use for it. Perhaps we could scan for areas with the other plant-based chemicals, but without lignin."

“Worth a try,” Tan’ato said. “I don’t know much about Rowa’ni anatomy. It might work.”

Yvette began her scans and compiled the data from the science stations.

Kiernan Gallagher sat the bridge station that was devoted to the environmental sciences. He was surprised he got to be on the bridge. Very rarely did he step onto a bridge or an operations station, but he was glad to be apart of the action. His thin fingers danced across the workstation as his blue eyes darted between the different sensor readouts. The Nightingale's sensors were picking up everything from the atmosphere to the surface, and down below the crust. There were also planetary and lifeform sweeps. It was all standard until something popped up.

Tan’ato had settled back into his command chair. He didn’t expect this survey to be quick. He picked up a padd to do some paperwork as he waited for someone to catch something.

Viv had been quietly sitting by pondering the dilemma. Her thoughts settled upon plants that had the ability to move. What was it that made venus fly traps move their leaves so quickly to catch flies? "Electrochemical energy," she blurted out to no-one in particular. "If they are plants that move then they'll be emitting some kind of electrochemical energy to be able to do it."

“Can we detect that from orbit?” Tan’ato asked. “How many do their need to be to see that?” Engineering was his forte, so this was science out of his depth.

"If the sensors are calibrated properly then it would only take a few individuals to emit enough to be detectable," Viv replied, never happier than when she had a problem to solve.

"I can help with that," Kiernan piped up. When he heard the words 'electrochemical energy' blurted out, cutting through the silence, he nearly fell out of his seat. Of course, he quickly composed himself and smiled. He enjoyed the enthusiasm he had just heard, even if it almost caused him to jump a hundred meters into the air. As a geologist, sensor calibrations and the algorithms that went with it, were a must to know. Geology was a far more complex science than just scanning surfaces, rocks, and below the surface. It required skill, and knowledge, but most of all to know that sensors needed to constantly be calibrated to get finite details. He looked over his shoulder at the ensign. "That is, if you would like some help."

"Always." Viv flashed a bright smile at Kiernan.

Neomi entered the bridge after leaving the transporter room and stood near Tan. With the bridge being crowded as it was at the moment she decided to stand for a while. "What did I miss," she asked softly, not wanting to interrupt people anymore then she already with her late arrival.

“Not much,” Tan admitted. “This could take a while. It’s a big planet.” He paused. “Assuming they’re still on the planet. On Trill, they were on an unoccupied moon. But Risa doesn’t have anything like that moon. Care for some coffee?” he offered, gesturing to his ready room.

"No thanks." She just had a cup earlier. "Let's hope they find something quickly."


Captain Tan’ato Tejera
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Neomi Verrill
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Kiernan M. Gallagher VII, PhD
Chief of Environmental Sciences

Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir
Chief Operations Officer

Lieutenant Commander Alohiai
Chief Medical Officer

Ensign Vivian Standen
Science Officer


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