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Search for the Black Lotus (Part 3)

Posted on Fri Sep 27th, 2019 @ 2:17am by Captain Tan'ato Tejera & Lieutenant Commander Alohiai illm Warraquim & Lieutenant Kiernan Gallagher VII PhD

Mission: R&R Interrupted
Location: USS Nightingale
Timeline: 1200

On the surface Alohiai listened in. There was something odd here, that was definitely the case. She could, but she had nothing but a light dress and a tricorder, and the cable went into dense jungle, and she could not flit away easily. She thought on the pros and cons before answering. "Yes, Captain, I can. Not the most ideal, but you should be able to track the tricorder and communicator. If those go out, or fixed and no response, running the medical database on Akkadian physiology through the sensors should help a bit depending on the jungle. Should be a pretty unique signature."

“Good,” Tan’ato replied. “Gallagher, Beauvoir, keep a lock on the doctor’s comm and tricorder. Sukolov, patch in the medical database. We don’t want to lose her. Lieutenant Zyta, coordinate with Captain C’Mia and get a security and SARS team prepped. We should be able to beam down to that shuttle wreckage. I want a team to be in the jungle after the doctor.”

Tan’ato took a breath. “Doctor, good luck. And be careful.”

On the surface, Alohiai nodded, though she knew that the captain could not see it. "Yes, Captain," she replied, and made her way from the trees toward the cable again. She frowned, as she was going to have to stay very close to the cable, as even this close it was not easy to pick up. She sighed and then gingerly began to follow the thing, the soft shoes not really suited for walking.

At his station, Kiernan's fingertips tapped at the lighted board. Soft beeps emanated from the workstation as he brought up the sensor lock that was requested. It took a few moments, but he finally was able to get the lock he needed on the doctor's combadge and tricorder readings. The tricorder would upload to the ship in a stream of continuous data, and as he watched, the computer would process that data while simultaneously run through the expansive database that each Starfleet vessel possessed at its fingertips. It all sounded seamless, and it was, most of the time, but Kiernan knew better, and over the years had developed his own set of algorithms to sort through sensor data faster, easier, and more thoroughly, especially when it came to anything earth sciences related. So far, the readings were fine, the combadge continued to not only report it was functioning, but it was still attached to its assigned owner.

It was more difficult going for Alohiai in the new growth area around the shuttle, but soon she was pushing into the denser jungle. Here the trees towered overhead, blocking out the light and preventing ground vegetation from flourishing. It was darker, too, with the sunlight blocked above. Large trunks of tropical trees were interspersed with ropes of vines and lianas. The cable was half buried in an attempt at concealment, but it seemed only a half-hearted effort, and was easier to follow visually as it headed further into the jungle.


Captain Tan’ato Tejera
Commanding Officer

Hayden Ahlgren

Lieutenant Neomi Verrill
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Kiernan M. Gallagher VII, PhD
Chief of Environmental Sciences

Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir
Chief Operations Officer

Lieutenant Commander Alohiai
Chief Medical Officer

Ensign Vivienne Standen
Science Officer


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